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Hi there! If you’ve found something then please go on straight ahead and fill out the form below. If you want to discover more about the project, scroll down, or if you want to know some Frequently Asked Questions, scroll down some more! I’m so glad you’ve found me!

(Please tell me the following things:

What number is your label?
Where did you find it?
How did you find it?
Your name and location
Email address
What you plan to do with the label once you've sent the form
Whether or not you would like me to feature your story on the blog.)

How Did I Find Myself Here?

Well, the Found Something project started back in March 2012 – I’d been thinking of positive messages and signs. You know, when you’ve got something on your mind and then something, whether it’s big or small, happens, and you know at that moment that your dilemma has been answered? That little PING! moment that just hits you and tells you what you really should be doing? I wondered if leaving positive messages in public places would make you smile, or laugh, or think a bit – nothing too heavy or spiritual here. I didn’t want to make my messages permanent – just discreet and easy to take away if needed. And by taking away that’s absolutely what I encourage. I mean, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the message in your hands, right?

I thought long and hard about how I was going to do this, and my love of packaging and the desire for a fully removable work of art lead me to sourcing strung parcel tags. By threading the string into a knotted loop and adding the message I’m able to leave the messages anywhere with a hook. I’ve been secretly threading tags, sticking labels and stashing parcel tags in my handbags ready for the drops. And where will I drop my messages? Anywhere you can loop a parcel tag. It could be anywhere. From a park bench to the back of a toilet door, if I can loop it I will do it.

As a woman I can’t help but want to do something to boost our self esteem. You see, the media likes to create an image of what our lives should be like, what we should be doing and what we should look like. It worries me that so many people are so concerned about what they should be doing and how they should be behaving that we’re all forgetting who we are as people. And it’s all too often I see people worrying about their looks. It’s time we all admitted it: we’re different, and we’re beautiful. And sometimes it’s just nice having a random person compliment you…

I hope that by injecting a bit of fun and sunny enthusiasm for life into your day that you’ll smile and feel better for it. I’ve put in some fun prompts and some cracking compliments, and a bit of sage wisdom I’ve learnt over my life so far. Now it’s over to you. Find the messages, learn the lesson, register it here, and pass the good stuff on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired you?

Lots of things! Photography, little details, visiting new places, messages, feeling happy, writing messages in chalk, and trying new things. The idea of leaving a removable piece of art is a very exciting idea for me.

I’ve found a label, what should I do?

Fill out the form and let me know! I’m very excited to hear from people who have found labels. Please tell me the following things:

What number is your label?
Where did you find it?
How did you find it?
Your name and location
Email address
Whether or not you would like me to feature your story on the blog.

The form has asked me about what I’d like to do with the label once I’ve finished… what are my options?

Okay then! Here’s the fun bit, the bit after you’ve found the label. There are three options:

Replant it in the wild: Keep my good work going and replant it in the wild. It can be anywhere you like, but please keep in mind the following rules:

• It must not be replanted in a commercial place (including shops, shopping centres, pubs and restaurants, offices, or public buildings etc) or in someone else’s home or garden without their knowledge.
• It must be visible, or at least visible after a little bit of looking.
• It must be replanted on a dry day so that the label doesn’t get wet… although you can never predict the weather!

Give it to someone else: A friend, a relative, a colleague… it might just make their day.

Keep it for yourself: I hope it makes you smile whenever you look at it.

Press and Media Enquiries?

Please email and I’ll get back to you!